Arnolfini’s Wife’s Shoe

Arnolfini’s Wife’s Shoe / plaster, jute, metal (2022) 40x50x25cm

Kind Encounter

Kind Encounter / C-print (2023) 70x57cm

German Toy

German Toy / plaster, jute, metal (2022) 35x35x20cm


Hilda / plaster, jute, metal (2022) 40x30x37cm

Cat as Remembered

Cat as Remembered / plaster, jute, metal (2022) 45x30x30cm

Long Forgotten Teddybear

Long Forgotten Teddybear / plaster, jute, metal (2022) 52x40x42cm


Sleep / plaster, jute, metal (2022) 52x40x42cm

Mother and Child

Mother and Child / plaster, jute, metal (2022) 52x40x42cm


Play / plaster, jute, metal (2022) 52x40x42cm

Tiny Vessel of Faith

Tiny Vessel of Faith / plaster, jute, metal (2022) 52x40x42cm

Aloha Airlines

Aloha Airlines / plaster, jute, metal (2021) 45x40x50cm

Dame Barbara

Dame Barbara / plaster, jute, metal (2021) 40x26x35 cm

Faithfully Yours

Faithfully Yours / plaster, jute, metal (2021) 35x35x60 cm


Winter / plaster, jute, metal (2021) 45x25x55 cm


Researcher / plaster, jute, metal (2021) 37x24x41 cm

Powerful Spring

Powerful Spring / plaster, jute, metal (2021) 45x35x65 cm

Allen Owl

Allen Owl / plaster, jute, metal (2021) 100x50x20 cm

We cannot always tell whether references to nature are meant to include or exclude people

We cannot always tell whether references to nature are meant to include or exclude people / C-print (2021) 60×60 cm


Reincarnation / plaster, jute, metal (2020) 60x60x13 cm

Parks may consist of grassy regions, landscapes, rocky areas, trees, recreational centers, sports facilities, swimming pools, soccer pitches, areas designed for dogs and kid’s play arenas. You are also bound to find monuments and fountains within parks. There might also be flowerbeds and walking paths with people discussing, for example absurdism or the purchase of a magic carpet. Some sit in the shadow and let things happen, either in their thoughts or before their eyes.

Ulysses And Kirke

Odysseus And Kirke / from polaroid (1993) 70x55cm

Classic references will be there anyway like a smoke signal from a long gone time. It’s hard not to let them out of the closet now and then.

Vanity, Deconstructed

Vanity, Deconstructed / plaster, jute, metal (2020) 50x55x17cm


Bumblebee / plaster, jute, metal (2019) 64x44x33cm


Bypass / plaster, jute, metal (2019) 43x50x17cm

Posing Geometry

Posing Geometry / plaster, jute, metal (2019) 54x50x18cm

Panorama Flower and Extension Coil

Panorama Flower and Extension Coil / plaster, jute, metal (2019) 68x56x24cm


Soothing / plaster, jute, metal (2019) 36x39x20cm

Derby Boys

Derby Boys / plaster, jute, metal (2019) 27x70x30cm (group)

Ghosts of Le Corbusier

Ghosts of Le Corbusier / plaster, jute, metal (2019) 45x40x23cm

Unknown Presence

Unknown Presence / plaster, jute, metal (2019) 46x42x24cm

Greek Tragedy

Greek Tragedy / plaster, jute, metal (2019) 70x49x29cm

The Park

The Park / plaster, jute, metal (2019) 80x38x22cm


Cat / plaster, jute, metal (2019) 50x33x16cm

At Last

At Last / plaster, jute, metal (2019) 23x40x21cm

Researcher / Figurine

Researcher / figurine / plaster, jute, metal (2017)
Researcher / figurine / plaster, jute, metal (2017)
Researcher / figurine / plaster, jute, metal (2017)

Exhibiton in the mortuary chapel of the Katarina Church, Stockholm (2017)


Immigrant / ceramics, shoes, scale, water pump (2003)

The idea that all liquid seeks it’s way to the lowest point seemed capricious during a studioperiod in s’Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. They pump it, and elevate it in every sort of way. I saw parellells to other facts that governs one’s life. The will to lead around, elevate and lower in order to avoid disasters always is present, it works for many, but not for all.

Atmosphere still

Atmosphere Still / plaster (2014)

Homeward version 2

Homeward version 2 / C-print (1993) 70x57cm


Ornament / C-print

My aunt Lydia had a wall clock in jugendstyle. The pendylum in that clock became a tounge which moved from side to side in a giants mouth. Time passes even clocks like that, what scares children now?

Sledge of Stone

Sledge of Stone / limestone (Grez-sur-Loing, 1994)

It was carved in Grez during a studio period in the autumn 1994. I did it as a reflection on the history that lingered there. When it was time to go there was no space for it in the car, so I placed it in a nisch in the garden were I took this photo before we left. It’s still there, assumed to be made by a finnish sculptor Ville Vallgren around 1900. So the piece is brought back to the age of now dead men-artists that visited Grez.

The Symmetry of Being

The Symmetry of Being / exhibition in Katarina Church, Stockholm, with Magnus Carlén (2012)

Bunny and Stag

Bunny and Stag / C-print

This goes back to C.F Hill, the drawing of the lonely stag who’s crying out his desire with no one around. I decided to give him the opportunity to watch the sunset together with Bunny.

Two Junipers

Two Junipers / ceramic (2003)

These two doesn’t bend back after the storm, they’re of ceramic and placed in Koos de Jongs Bookshelf in Amsterdam.

The Source

The Source / C-print 70x55cm

No artist ever escapes death as a subject, most of us mocks death every day as we live on. And there is always a chance for rebirth, maybe as an egg.

The Duel

The Duel

The Duel written by Peter Weiss in 1953 is a lovestory which I couldn’t resist to make into a set of tableau vivants, twelve pieces 1×1 meter each in polyesterfilm. The story contains desire, deception, ambulance transportation, fruitless artitistic efforts to seize the light and other inspiring scenes.


Grez-sur-Loing C-print 70x49cm

The ghost of the great patriarch C.L. hovers above me. I start respectfully, putting a piece of fluff from the floor of his former studio on a clothes line.

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo / Vespa part, PET-bottle (1993) from Polaroid 70x55cm