Public Works


Bumblebee / Cast bronze (2021)

Commission for Stockholm City Planning Office. Pending installation.

The Cone

The Cone / Cast aluminium (2018)

The Mathematical Garden. Assignment for The National Museum of Science and Technology, Stockholm.

Pug’s Park

Pug’s Park / Aluminium and fibreglass (2012)

Commission for Familjebostäder.  I had to put something of interest between the façades in the narrow yard. It has the same function as a horizon line, where you can rest your seeing in something that doesn’t end, or where associations can get lost for a while.


Snail / laminated C-print / Stockholm City library, international department


Boat / Laminated C-print / Stockholm City library, international department

Dog & UFO

Dog & UFO / Plaster, paint / Model for full scale project for Riksbyggen Uppsala

I recently found out that René Descartes had a dog named monsieur Grat. Their eyes would have have met sometime during the time when Descartes found that he thinks and therefore exists.

The Falcon

The Falcon / Steel, aluminium, fibreglass, found objects.
The Falcon / Steel, aluminium, fibreglass, found objects.

Assignment for a courtyard by the former airfield of Barkarby, city of Sundbyberg. Together with Magnus Carlén.


Waterplay / White concrete and sandcasted aluminium
Waterplay / White concrete and casted aluminium

Waterplay for the pre-school The Wolf, City of Sundbyberg. Together with Magnus Carlén.


Ekebyhov, Ekerö (2011)

Assignment to make a playground on baroque theme in Ekebyhov 2011. Made in collaboration with Magnus Carlén.

Donkey’s Aqueduct

Donkey’s Aqueduct / Älvsjö

The playground. It’s one of the funniest commissions you can have as an artist. Children doesn’t pretend to like art, they are more honest then anyone in the business. There are massproduced solutions for playgrounds, often made in a way, as if children were numb to aestetics. My idea is to add something which stimulates storytelling and role play.

More Possibilities

More Possibilities / Steel, fabric, photography. Södersjukhuset, Stockholm.

Is the sculpture a stove, or a sofa or is it happy to be something inbetween? Is the clouds behind the aquatic plants a reflection from the sky above, or is it all seen from underneath? The girl in the photo looks away, and the flower bends. What happens next is to be figured out. It’s a part of the human situation, not knowing what happens next. Or by the time you grow up not knowing exactly what or who you are.